Henry Abrams / November 16,2020

5 Best Law Schools in France


France is a cultural hub in Europe and one of the pioneers in the political system. With its legal system shaped after civil law and its law programs include international, foreign and common law, it attracts considerable interest to law students pursuing an education in the country. Furthermore, their public universities are among the top universities globally with its rich historical background and cutting-edge educational system. Int his article, we will go over the best law schools in France.
How does one earn a French law degree? The law degree has three cycles. The first is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.), which is commonly called Licence de Droit in France. Second, law students take a Master’s in Law (LL.M.) for two years, with the opportunity to choose different specialization courses, then followed by a Ph.D. The school year starts in the fall semester in September, followed by the spring semester. Given that France is a highly cosmopolitan place with its costly lifestyle, it is hardly surprising that this still draws many international law students hoping to jump into that experience. With that being said, France is an excellent country to pursue a law degree.
Top Law Schools in France
1. Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University

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Degrees offered: LL.M., J.D., Ph.D.
Language of Instruction: French, English (for some courses in Masters 2)

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