These Tips Will Help You to Have the Most Successful Office Renovation

Henry Abrams / June 14,2020

An office renovation can really give your staff the help that they need to boost their productivity overall. You can also increase office morale while making your space feel brand-new. At the end of the day though, a renovation project is not going to be hassle-free. Take a look below to find out more.
Gather Information from the Start
You need to start by getting engineering documents and architectural documents for your space. Walk through your space with your design team and then verify what you have. At the end of the day, if there are any discrepancies in your plans then this can be expensive and it’s the last thing that you need. The more accurate of a picture you can make, the more you can understand the conditions you are facing. Time is money, and the more time you spend here, the more money you can save later.
Create a Design
When you look at your office renovation design, you need to think about the number of employees you have and your future growth in general. Think about technology and your desired level of functionality overall. It’s also very helpful to research design trends so that you can find out how your staff like to work in general. The planning phase is usually much longer than the construction phase because you will need to conduct a survey and make sure that everything is on-point.
If you are able to retain an existing layout and if you are able to refurbish items instead of buying new ones, then this will really work in your favour. Wall finishes, doors and even floors are a prime example here. A new lick of paint on your walls and doors can go a long way. If you have a hardwood floor then you can even refinish it to bring it back to life. Correctly sized furniture and lighting will work wonders for your space too, so it is vital that you keep this in mind as much as possible. If you are having a more extensive renovation then look at repurposing your infrastructure so you can limit any changes to your electrical distribution, fire suppression sprinklers and ductwork.
If you know that you are going to have to replace your windows then why not look into a glass scratch removal service as well? When you do, you can then feel confident knowing that every aspect of your project is being done with cost-savings in mind.
Take Incentives
At the end of the day, your renovation might have the goal of you trying to increase worker morale and productivity. On the flip side though, you also need to make sure that your building is energy efficient and that it is also accurate. It’s possible for you to get a government grant in most cases, whether you are beautifying your building or whether you are simply undergoing some kind of historical restoration. In some instances, you can also qualify for carbon credit, so keep this in mind as well if you can.
Office Workflow
One of the many reasons why so many people choose to renovate their building is so that they can boost their productivity overall. It’s vital that you plan your timeline and that you also shift construction to off-hours if you can. Productivity is always impacted during times of renovation, and if you don’t plan out everything you can carefully then you may find yourself in a sticky situation. It’s also important that you keep clutter to a minimum, and that you communicate properly. If you need to cover up your windows during the construction period, then invest in some artificial light. If you do this then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to provide a solid working environment for your team.
Make Space for your Team
Workers quite often need to shift spaces when a renovation is taking place. You need to keep in mind your IT and your power needs here. Use vacant areas, partitions and invest in protection too. If you know that you know that you need to have some kind of temporary office available then your workers will have a set amount of downtime. If the expansion is part of your plan for renovation, then build out the new space and shift staff to that space while you renovate the other spaces around your company. If you know that no spaces are available, then this will require some working around.

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